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It’s very easy to advertise on, the fastest growing cryptocurrency news site of Turkey! You can contact us for different advertising options.

What you get advertisers on

  1. Coinkolik is the leading media outlet in the crypto/blockchain industry, with over 3.500.000+ unique visitors per month.
  2. All types of promoted content are created by our professional staff writers. The best and brightest experts and journalists will create a custom article for you in strict accordance with Coinkolik‘s editorial guidelines.
  3. More than 250.000+ subscribers combined on different social platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram


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*Based on Google Analytcis Statistics from August 2023. We’ll update this page in every month.

What is the advertising topics in Coinkolik?


Timeless classic a sponsored articles and press release! A sponsored article about your company, or an essay about your mission, produced and written in strict accordance with our editorial policies and guidelines.

Banner Ads

The most common, easy and convenient way to make your brand visible on the top crypto media. Banners on Coinkolik are available in different sizes at the top of the main page, newsfeed and articles pages. Given the quality of our audience, banners will be the best way to promote your brand and drive your target audience to your website.

Special Projects

You can produce different projects both on our website and on our social media channels; We can develop content such as interviews, live broadcasts, projects that will increase social media interaction.

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You can contact us by email, telephone or using our contact form to advertise.

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